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  • Janet Woosley

    Tupperware Pitchers. So many childhood memories! The best sweet tea ever came from one of these!

  • Mel

    Tupperware Pitchers. Totally had these growing up! Usually nasty grape kool-aid :)

  • Abril Tavares

    tupperware of the 70s, my abuelita had one of these and drank from it will into the 80s and 90s lol

  • Dorene Pumper

    Tupperware Pitchers. So many childhood memories! Grape koolaid baby!

  • Kourtney Dean

    I remember my aunt making us fresh orange juice every time I stayed the night. Tupperware pitcher - 70s Tupperware (green, orange, brown, yellow)!!

  • adonna moore

    Old School Tupperware Pitcher #90s

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