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    Liquid glue. Remember when the rubber glue tip would get hard and you had to get the dried glue off the opening after each use.



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    These are the hair rollers I had when I was a child. So hard to sleep in!

    chalk holder for making lines or you remember these?

    If they got too cold, your lips would stick to them! . . . Grandma had a set of these, we thought they were the coolest thing ever!

    tv trays we had in the living room

    Remember typewriter erasers?

    S Green stamps... I so remember these : )

    Remember this commercial for pollution??

    Remember getting excited when these rolled into your classroom?

    Remember When??? Moon boots were a 'must have' for me in the late 70's~ Do kids today love them like we did?

    Remember the yummy taste


    vintage LePage's White Paste Glue Schooltime Jar School Supplies Remember THIS? Was always really gross when little "Johnny"ate the paste!

    Rubber boots

    Loved this as a kid.

    Silly Putty. This stuff was great!

    Another sexy rubber swim cap!


    paddling in schools......definately a thing of the past!!


    I used to get most of my shoes here