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    Doctor Who gif

    Donna Noble was, without a doubt, my favorite companion.

    it explains the show so well.

    Thanks Captain!

    All 13 Doctors

    Best. Crossover. Ever.

    A Who-veau Tribute by Lesley Vamos

    Awesome TARDIS pic

    John Barrowman Is Apparently Having A Terrific Time At Phoenix ComiCon

    "In case you were wondering, the BBC-approved Tardis blue is actually Pantone 2955C. You’re welcome."

    Doctor Who fabric

    Clara's character was named "Clara" because that was Elizabeth Sladen's middle name... <-- Awww....

    Wanna build a snowman? Nah. Snow TARDIS.

    I love this episode

    10 most poetic quotes from Doctor Who

    Doctor Who .GIF Run you clever boy

    If you think your job is bad...

    I loved that he said this. It was perfect. So eleven.

    The Doctor and Clara

    Never thought I would be sad over a cyberman