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Finally make sense of the Doctor and River's timeline

No. [Doctor Who]

I still tear up just REMEMBERING

Oh Doctor

I'm the Doctor

River's timeline starting when she was a baby... it all makes SOO much sense now. not.

A Thousand Years - Doctor/River (River's Timeline)

the child who waits

To Those of You Who are Not Crazy About the New Doctor. Cause this cycle always happens :P


The Doctor and River Song

Doctor River Song.

One of my absolute fave doctor quotes

The Doctor and River

Oh my gosh you guys I just realized that when Melody asked who River is, the Doctor says "Spoilers" because he's remembering all those other times he met River, but that's the first time she meets him, so all those times she says "spoilers" she's quoting him, and all those times he says "spoilers" he's quoting her!!!! <-- Mind. Blown.

Seriously. He is everywhere.

What did you do to my heart, Journey's End?

Why yes there is a law of the Atraxi humans are guilty of breaking.

Doctor Who

Nice summary! Time of the Doctor SPOILERS!