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  • Lynette D

    Memorial Day is not just another BBQ holiday. It is a day to remember those who gave everything, for us and for OUR freedom.

  • Carolyn Roman

    Asshole.. sorry, kids these days! Smh! oooo and oorrraahhhhh Semper Fi! :)

  • Annie From Oregon

    Veterans Day. or Fourth of July. "Not doing The Pledge in grade school or higher now is why most kids have no respect for God and country. Everything for them is politically correct and generic! GOD BLESS THE VETERANS PAST AND PRESENT ! And God bless America!!"

  • Catherine

    God bless the united states armed forces

  • Didi Rasmussen

    Didi @ Relief Society: Daily Quote August 6, 2013

  • Karen Klein

    Schools Out Funny Pictures | Original.png

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I am thankful to those who gave their lives for our freedom. Amazing great people... We appreciate everything they do to keep us safe & protected.

Wow. I miss Evan after being gone for 8 hours... what an amazing mom she is to sacrifice for all of our children's future.

POLITICAL TRUTH! This is how women got the vote, civil Rights was passed, the Vietnam war was stopped, SPEAK UP PEOPLE or you will be one of the many cowering begging the govt for food. THAT'S HOW THEY GET/KEEP CONTROL OVER US!

"A reminder that whether you like to admit it or not, whether you agree with it or not, your freedom is not free." It never has been, it never will be. Someone gave all for YOU.

>>Sometimes, a principled stance is a lonely place to be...for a while. If they are thoughtful, they will come around.

Never look down on anyone! Treat every person as you want to be treated and don't judge when you really know nothing about the other person . Remember there is always at least two sides to every story, where the truth lies could be hard to tell. Always keep an open positive mind and help a person out when needed. :)

Standing watch....Celebrate a great career in the US Marine Corps with Personalized custom Military rings: #USMC #USMarines #USMilitary

Don't call upon Jesus only when you need Him, call upon Him every day. God is not batman; He is so much better than batman.

Something I believe strongly in. I don't support the war, but you can bet your ass I support each and every troop fighting for this country.

Everyone who remained sitting should be ashamed of themselves.