Day 347: From Sleepshirt to Sassy Dress

365 upcycled DESIGNS with instructions! This woman is amazing and funny; she has done one refashion of clothing per day, numerous are NO SEW!!

This girl is AMAZING! She takes terrible clothes and changes them into adorable new things.

Welcome to the gOOd life: DIY-pleated dress - Wow. Going to be hitting up thrift stores now!

This girl takes awful thift store clothes and sews and re-works them into cute outfits! Awesome. As soon as I learn to sew I plan to do this.

This woman takes horrible clothing from thrift stores, Nd turns it into fashionable clothing!

How to re-make a thrift store dress

Day 210: A'dress'ing a Too-Big Tee! :)

Bluegingerdoll | Winifred (Print)

If you have any interest in sewing, check out this girl's blog! She gives awesome tutorials for the cutest clothes!

She takes awkward thrift store finds and refashions them. Pretty cool to see the easy things she does to make it fit and cute

Turn Any Yard of Fabric into a Chic Beach Wrap. The first one is simply adorable! Great easy project! jillian owens takes unwanted thrift store clothes and "refashions" them to give them an updated and fashionable look.

i gotta try this...polo turned cheap mens shirts at thrift stores. super inexpensive and they turn out so cute!

This women takes over sized/ugly clothing from thrift stores ($1 finds) and turns it into something fabulous! I must try this!!

This girl does one refashion a day of awkward thrift store clothes and nails it almost every time - its so addicting to see all her re-fashions ! check it out

Made out of a men's dress shirt from the thrift store! >> This is the best mens shirt skirts that I have ever seen, very cute! Love the color too!

Adult pillowcase dress

Beautiful scarf from a goodwill dress!

Super easy and CUTE, turns an ordinary t-shirt into great lacey tunic, still shows peeks of form fitting T underneath!! lace tshirt diy. Add section of stretchy lace.