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  • Anna Nyberg

    Adopt a dog from an animal shelter

  • Robyne Keller

    This breaks my heart, this sweet pit bull has given up on life. Yearly 14+ MILLION healthly, loving and adoptable pets are waiting for someone to save them from being murdered! Save a life, ADOPT from your local shelter! BTW this sweet pittie was adopted, & you wouldn't believe the difference in photos! NEVER buy from pet stores, always visit the kennel or breeder before buying a pet, don't support puppy mill! Shelters do have purebred pets but personally I prefer a mutigree :)

  • Marianne Petkus

    This breaks my heart, also reminds me that dogs do have feelings, and inspires me to do something to make a difference.

  • Carolyn Minutillo Aifd

    Breaks my heart! (Please consider a rescue animal before a pet store or breeder buy!) We got our new shop cat from the 'death row' of the animal shelter. Best decision I ever made.

  • Paméla Truchon

    Makes my heart so sad, will always adopt and save a life!! #pitbull #bestdog

  • Heather Holden-Murphy

    this picture breaks my heart. Adopt a shelter dog.

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