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this dad is hilarious he puts post it notes around the house relating to his kids... bahahaha love this fraternity one!

Message With A Bottle. This blog is hilarious! Stay at home dad writes a on a post-it about something from the day. This one made me think of you @ Johanna Kosciolek!

Message With A Bottle: Oh my god I hope my future husband is this hilarious when I have a kid

for some reason this made me actually laugh out loud. derp

everyone click on this link. i guarantee it will make you smile no matter what kind of day you're having

Funny “This Kid Is Going Places” Pictures – 17 Pics.. The "evil" kid is my fave.

Mommy may lose her schmidt…may have to remember this one if the reference is still relevant...

Message With A Bottle. Fantastic blog written by a dad that has had me laughing for an hour...

"pain makes you stronger. tears make you braver. a broken heart makes you wiser. and alcohol makes you not remember any of that crap."