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The picture came with this caption: "aunt regina and uncle chuck pose for the camera in a comical manner, but all is not well. uncle chuck has lost his job at the grocery store, and they are sharing a sweater on a bitter january day because niether can afford a winter coat. it's just tragic. what courage they have!"

Children will remember time spent and wisdom shared, not so much the items you provided." And, at the end of the day, family time is golden.

Planning to "send some letters to Heaven" with the kids on the 1 year marker of my dads passing. Going to include photos from the last year, too. Hoping to make it a tradition...

we are never satisfied yet they have so little and yet they have a smile on their face

Smiling & Laughing Children, India.

Faces of Afghanistan, 2 little boys dressed in traditional red, leaning against a wall and laughing. ~ by O.Blaise, via Flickr

Your place in the Universe is much bigger than you think it is... your Life is important. (Nepal)

One of my all-time favorite photos. smile in mountain by phitar, via Flickr

Afghanistan | A woman in traditional burqa dress and her child walk to the market in Badghis. In Badghis province 100% of women wear the burqa | © Olivier Matthys

Children look up to their parents. Make sure you are worthy of their adoration and respect.

If my thoughts cold express themselves they would look like this ♥ ~d~