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"The median wage for restaurant workers in 2010 was $9.02, meaning that well over half of these workers earned less than the wage of $10.75 that a family of four needs to remain out of poverty."

The creation of the New World Order (NWO) agenda was put in motion by the infamous character, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the one who decided to control the entire planet by any means necessary. Of course, this meant: deception, control, financial enslavement, blackmail and murder... but also far graver things, like: wars, famine and depopulation... a genocide unlike any other before it. If you want to better understand just how powerful and black-hearted the Rothschild family is, then you…

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A background guide to “Brexit” from the European Union

In graphics: Britain’s referendum on EU membership: A background guide to “Brexit” from the European Union | The Economist

Eco-Conscious Shopping: A Beginner's Guide

A Guide to: Eco-Conscious Shopping // Into Mind

"Federal taxes paid/received for each state". Please note that the states with the more "conservative" political, social, & religious ideology, the ones who want everyone to "pull themselves up by their boot straps", are more often the ones who take in the most federal aid with the least amount of investment in that aid. Yeah, there's a shock (eye roll).

Two presidents have died trying to defy the Rothschilds. Yes, both Lincoln and John F. Kennedy were assassinated by command of the Rothschilds! The Rothschilds agent Treasury Secretary Salmon P. Chase, was able to force a bill (the National Banking Act) through Congress creating a federally chartered central bank that had the power to issue U.S. Bank Notes.

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Ancient Secret Symbols | FREEMASON SYMBOLS - The Meanings of Freemasonry's Masonic Symbols.

"Knowledge is convertible into power, and axioms into rules of utility and duty. But knowledge itself is not Power. Wisdom is Power; and her Prime Minister is JUSTICE, which is the perfected law of TRUTH. The purpose, therefore, of Education and Science is to make a man wise. If knowledge does not make him so, it is wasted, like water poured on the sands." Albert Pike