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Female Fitness Motivational 7 #FemaleFitnessMotivation

Female Fitness Motivational 7 #FemaleFitnessMotivation

Cheryl Burke. They say when your trying to lose weight or get fit to have a visual and set realistic goals. This image of Cheryl Burke is my goal image.

15 Fitness Muses to Inspire Your Workout

"Being healthy and fit is so much more important than being skinny. Women are not all built the same- Each of us are are different in size and shape. One person's weight (size) maybe healthy for them but not for you!

to be who you've wanted to be your whole life (other main motivation)

Week three Ive spent being sick. Have missed some insanity work outs but instead have been doing more low impact stuff like dog walking. Ive been going to practices as well. Just want to feel better and get back into it 6 weeks left LETS DO IT!

It's Fitness, Baby

Reason To Be Fit: for the smile I will have once I reach my goal.


This daily trick can help you detoxify, improve your digestion and boost your metabolism & energy levels

This is the reason I run! Plus, my legs look nice :) Add some squats and lunges for the booty, and you've got a great lower body workout.

50 great tips about starting running. Wish I had this years ago! 50 great tips about starting running. Wish I had this years ago!


Being fit doesn't make you less self conscious. Learning to love yourself for who you are no matter what makes you less self conscious.

Motivation to move!

100 Reasons You Should Work Out Today

100 Reasons You Should Work Out Today. Bc I always have 100 reasons why not to work out :)

Get off your ass and work for it.

You don’t get it by staring. You don’t get it by wishing. You don’t get it by drooling. You don’t get it by hoping. You don’t get it easy. You get it by getting off your ass and working for it.

Reason become the runner I never thought I'd become. I never thought I'd be a marathon runner!