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    • Caroline Janelle

      Using data from The New York Times, Matt Stiles of The Daily Viz created an interesting infographic that charts which birth dates are the most common.

    • Lisa Roberts

      How to Be an Educated Consumer of Infographics: David Byrne on the Art-Science of Visual Storytelling | Brain Pickings So many interesting things you can do with students and infographics. (including having them create some)

    • Vicki Wrobel

      Which birth dates are most common? - IF this graph is accurate, it totally shows the dominance of scheduled inductions and c-sections. Very interesting.

    • Francisco Cárdenas

      Using data from The New York Times, Matt Stiles created an interesting infographic that charts which birth dates are the most common. Inspired by the infographic, here's an interactive version that shows the frequencies of birth dates and conception rates from 1973-1999. Born on September the 16th? It turns out that most of us were.

    • Olivia Krecklow

      How Common Is Your Birthday, A Chart of Birth Date Frequencies, interesting, mine is very uncommon

    • Circle Circle

      How Popular is your birth date #birthday #birthdate #infographic #chart #diagram

    • Infographics

      Which Birth dates are most common #Birth #Dates #Common #Birthday #infographics

    • Tracey Brimble

      Which Birth Dates Most Common - Random Pictures Photo Gallery : theBERRY

    • sally smull

      Birth Dates Infographics and Questions. #birthday #birthdates #commonbirthdays #mathfun #statistics NPR Science Tumblr . Matt Stiles created infographic . How much of a difference in birthday numbers is there between lightest and darkest?What sector of the population was surveyed?Is it thousands, hundreds or tens?Assuming this is accurate and statistically significant, what does this tell us?Interesting stuff. Can we get answers to any/all of these questions? Here ya go nanodash!This is an infographic created by my friend and colleague, Matt Stiles. Here’s the original post. By his own admission, it is potentially confusing. This actually doesn’t show number of births - it shows the RANKING of the day in terms of how common it is to be born on that day. Here’s the data. It’s based on the total number of babies born on that day from 1973-1999.Here’s a second, related post that looks at actual number of births PER MONTH. #STEM #STEAM #datavisualization #science #whatdoesthistellyou

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