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This is a Kate Moss quote? Kinda ruins it for me with this revelation.

It's a thin line between healthy eating and eating disorder. Do you know which side you're on? Are you sure? (from WTFPinterest.com)

I want to be so thin that people whisper how skinny I've gotten behind my back. Yes!

I'm a FIGHTER! http://mmorris.webs.com or  https://www.facebook.com/MMorrisFitness

fit fitness health motivation inspiration stronger body sexy quotes<---- Now of course,both naturally skinny and non-naturally skinny girls are strong. Its just that the non-naturally skinny girls have to stay even more focused to remain strong :)


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Aim for fit - not "skinny"

reason to work out. to walk in my closet and pick out anything because I know everything will fit and it"ll look damn good.