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Liberals also ratified the amendment (it abolished slavery). The republican party from the is an ancestor of today's democratic party.

I blame the media, which is now, thanks to the Reagan Administration, primarily owned by a few right-wing conglomerates.

Trump Turds don't care about the truth. They are the most brainwashed, misguided and gullible fools that ever walked on this planet.

GMO Free School Lunches http://healthyheartworks.wordpress.com/

Non-Gmo at school is one of my biggest wishes. My 5 year old son takes his lunch and it is ALL organic and non-gmo.


My novel "Daffodil Sunrise" tells of a radical populist awakening in the face of Old Boy Network plotting. Decades later, we're back to finish the task, this time starting at the top.

I'm sorry your Social Security was cut in half and your Medicare was cancelled. I told you not to vote Republican.

I'm sorry your Social Security was cut in half and your Medicare was cancelled. I told you not to vote Republican. Trump needs the money for a wall, expanded military and trips to the moon

Funny Barack Obama Pictures: Obama Texts Hillary: 4 More Years

Funniest Barack Obama Memes of All Time

A collection of humorous political memes and parodies featuring President Barack Obama.

Back when republican leaders actually gave a shit about Americans & did their jobs. Unfortunately their party is no longer recognizable.

Can’t Keep Up? 11 Ways to Instantly Simplify Your Life from Prolific Living

You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day — unless you're busy. Quick Ways to Simplify Life

here's your First Lady in all her glory!! Hey you Christian hypocrites!!! where's all your indignation!!!

Hey you Christian hypocrites! where's all your indignation!

Connecticut school shooting - Sandy Hook Elementary  Dec. 14, 2012

The tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary school shootings and Adam Lanza

If It's A School Week In America, Odds Are There Will Be A School Shooting. So, where are all the people who say they will stop shooting like this, as their argument being anti gun control? Let the GUN NuTs rude comments begin in

amen to that 1%

Why is it easier to believe that 150 milions americans are being lazy rather than 400 americans are being greedy