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Faith in humanity restored list. #20 When this fan got to experience something he NEVER thought was imaginable due to his disability. Kindness proved him wrong.

This is so true! McDonalds charges me every time I ask for a large water but they give free wifi! Lol

~ so true. make people feel appreciated and they will go out of their way for you to make you hapy ~

AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree COMPLETELY!!!!! I judge people who are into actors and not into making a better world lmao! Then again when you see their priorities it does justify their pathetic behavior!!' We should know more about basic geography than we know about the personal lives of actors"

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So true!! Live life quotes: Work for a Cause, NOT for Applause, -Live Life to Express, NOT to Impress, -Don't strive to make your Presence Noticed, Just make your Absence felt.

So true. It's the superficial unhappy people that believe true happiness is measured in material things.

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Say Thank You Art Print by Mei Lee


How far can we push compassion into evolution? Ray Bradbury speaks on maintaining persistence for those few individuals who will become poets and writers. Here he explains his tricks to staying persistent (Video)