• April Halladay Ward

    cute idea of our elf - elf fishing for gold fish in the toilet bowl w/a candy cane pole

  • Gwendolyn Jones

    elf on shelf fishing in toilet bowl, Dump A Day What Elf On The Shelf Does While You're Sleeping - 30 Pics website to adopt elf mischief http://www.elfontheshelf.com/

  • Madison Gilbert

    Holiday | Christmas | Elf on the Shelf Idea | Sitting on the back of the toilet and fishing for goldfish.. I love that his fishing pole is a candy cane :)

  • Reese Broussard

    pictires of funny things elves on the shelves do - Google Search

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A Flexible Frame For Your Elf Create a custom frame to get your Elf On A Shelf into standing poses. 1 – supplies: 14 gauge floral wire, wire cutter, needle nose pliers, sewing needles, seam ripper red & white thread. 2 – cut wire to length of elf arms & legs. 3 – use pliers to bend the wire ends. 4 – Using the seam ripper, open seam edges on hands and feet. 5 – carefully insert wires. 6 – Sew seams back together using sewing needle and thread. 6 – Pose your elf standing, sitting, etc. Enjoy!

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