Love the bm dresses on the right

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses

love the bridesmaids dresses...


i like this country, laid back feel.

Love this color.

love the different shades of bridesmaids dresses. then the bridesmaids can choose a color and style that they feel most comfortable in.

Mix-match Bridesmaid Dresses.

this size flowers for the girls 3 x

Bridesmaids dresses

Whaaat? This is from a wedding!

Pic idea for wedding.

stunning. omg i would love for these to be bridesmaid dresses

Another dreamy mismatch option

love the nature inspiration and the neutral colored different dresses for the bridesmaids.

I love the mismatched bridal party fashion in weddings. These are both vintage inspired bride and bridesmaid dresses.

Neutral bridesmaids

Beautiful bridesmaid style - I like how this is varied but still cohesive

Mismatched bridesmaids