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Softy Kitty...

Big Bang Theory Soft kitty Warm kitty Little ball of fur Happy kitty Sleepy kitty purr, purr, purr

The Big Bang Theory Intro, Frame By Frame | images.duelos.net

The Big Bang Theory - Intro frame by frame Awesome! I've always wondered exactly what each and every frame was. Interesting that it's not in chronological order.

peter pan bed intruder

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, & hide yo husband cuz they rapin errbody out here! Bahahaha Lord have mercy that's hilarious!

Zombie Survival - Films & TV

Funny pictures about Zombie Identification Chart. Oh, and cool pics about Zombie Identification Chart. Also, Zombie Identification Chart photos.

Yes this was my viewing experience. This about sums it up

Smart move

The reaction to The Walking Dead: Rick and the Governor - this was totally me!

Goose Hunting Jan 2012

Goose Hunting Jan 2012

More like 40 years later...but yeah.

Could it be?!

Family Guy = Ted 30 years later (especially considering the creator of family guy helped make the movie!

The Big Bang Theory is by far my favorite show. It's about time other people are recognizing the nerds are hot.

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