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Mud Bricks

Encourage your child to imagine what it was like building with bricks in ancient Egypt or Rome, and maybe even build a pyramid.

Get ready to celebrate a season of thanks! Build your own turkey using LEGO Classic bricks, perfect to be used as decoration or just for fun!

Joanna's Place - downloadable instructions for modular buildings made from Friends' sets. You can download the PDF...

Love Star Wars? Build Mini Darth Vader Lego using our Lego Building Instructions, using only standard bricks! Available for iPhone and iPad. Free download at #bricksir #lego #kidsactivities #homeschool

We love this contemporary brick facade! Fachada de ladrillo negro, muro exterior al edificio, sobre la escalera, refuerzo de estructura metalica camuflado. ABC Building. | Referencias | Pinterest

Check out our Lego Building Instructions app, require only STANDARD bricks! Reuse the Lego bricks you already own at home, and have a great time building together with your family. Available for iPhone and iPad. Free download at #bricksir