Disappearing man sculpture in France.

This statue, from a series called "Primavera," is perhaps Chodakowska's best work: Bronze and water work in harmony to create a dynamic piece of art.

The Chinese House, Frederick the Greats's garden pavilion in Sanssouci Park in Potsdam, created by the garden architect Johann Gottfried Büring between 1755 and 1764. The live-sized gilded sandstone sculptures adorning the building are from the workshops

The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, Denmark

Peter Pan statue at Kensington Gardens, London England

Sagittarius is the most expansive of all of the zodiac signs, and their optimistic outlook gives them plenty of good luck. Natives of this sign are happiest when they have plenty of freedom to pursue their dreams.

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Staglieno Cemetery, Staglieno, Genoa, Province of Genoa , Liguria region Italy . Breathtaking sculpture, and a range of emotion.

Feminine Alchemy Crete Retreat, October, where the goddesses and bee priestesses once reigned. Reclaim the wholeness and health of being a women. www.ahaintelligence.com Yvespires.com | L'atelier de Yves Pires

Statue of girl reading in Cuesta del Rosario, Sevilla. The statue honors Clara Campoamor with words on the plaque noting her contribution to the freedom of women. Clara fought to ensure that the 1931 Constitution of Spain gave women the right to vote. The statue was created by Anna Jonsson and was placed in the plaza in 2007

Louis Armstrong Park in Faubourg Treme, French Quarter, New Orleans, was created to honor the city's most famous favorite son.

Giant Pickaxe Statue Minecraft Project

Jizo statue at Sanzen-in temple, Kyoto, Japan 三千院

The John Lennon statue in Havana, Cuba. The former Beatle and world-famous rock star seems to be enjoying a lovely day in the park...waiting perhaps for a fan or two to join him?

Sculptures et Effets aquatiques de Małgorzata Chodakowska (4)

A photo of the Statue of Abraham Lincoln in Lincoln Park Chicago, Illinois, USA This famous statue of Lincoln was sculpted by Augustus Saint-Gaudens who saw Lincoln when he was a boy.

Creating The Statue of Liberty

Paddington Bear - Location: Paddington Railway Station -- Paddington Bear is the famous children's literary character created by Michael Bond. Called Paddington Bear because he was found at Paddington Station. He is famous for his hat, duffle coat and love of marmalade sandwiches.

Bring peaceful energy into your main entry by combining a Buddha statue with a floral motif. See more feng shui decor tips at http://FengShui.About.com

"The Little Princess" was the first non-communist statue, created in 1989. Hungarians love her because she's small and feminine, not like the bulky, muscular communist statues the Soviets left behind. Prince William liked her so much when he visited that he had a replica installed at Buckingham Palace in London. Put your hands on her knees to make a wish.