Floral - Anna Schuleit - Massachusetts Mental Health Center

Bloom: Potted Flowers Installed at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center by artist Anna Schuleit :: this is a beautiful & thought provoking art installation, stimulating the best kind of self-reflection & growth.

flores del sol

28000 Potted Flowers installed in Massachusetts mental health care by artist Anna Schuleit.

This is an extremely powerful sign for any invisible illness! Imagine if the sign said Lyme Disease!

Imagine if you got blamed for having cancer. End mental health stigma & discrimination.

Positive steps for mental health

Mental Health

Keeping mental health. People always talk about things to keep physically healthy, but not mentally healthy. So here are some tips to keep your mind happy

culturenlifestyle: “ Abandoned Detroit House is Transformed with Flowers In November florist Lisa Waud bought this abandoned, crumbling duplex in Detroit Michigan. Winning the bid at.

Lord Snowdon, ‘Mental Hospitals’, 1968

Lord Snowdon, ‘Mental Hospitals’, 1968 I am surprised she could have the knitting needles

jil sander minimalism + floral arrangments

Raf Simons Final Collection for Jil Sander, Milan, Fall 2012

Paint Palettes - Choosing colors from the same tonal family results in a unified arrangement. But it’s important to vary the forms and balance the amount of every color to bring out the best in each one, like with this vibrant bouquet of pink, orange, and yellow flowers against a subdued peach background.

Paint Palettes We Love

Icelandic poppies & tulips in citrus colors

The Porcelain People 19 by mental

The Porcelain People --------------------------- David Fairbairn & Company Halifax, Nova Scotia View my FB Page for More Details & Full Credits . The Porcelain People 19

BLOOM project: memorial for health center about to be demolished featuring 28,000 flowers

artist Anna Schuleit Bloom installation - Potted Flowers Installed at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center