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    Egyptian Predynastic Female Figurine

    Neolithic Egyptian Nile female figurine, 3,000-4,000 BCE.

    Neolithic Nathor-Nile River Goddess 4,000 BC This Egyptian fertility bird Goddess appeared in early predynastic times as a funerary figure with a beaked face and wing-like arms and hands. Her form is a blend of bird, woman and deity. These painted terra cotta figures, less than a foot high and much alike, were found in graves in Mohamerian, near Edfu.

    Ivan Mestrovic, Archangel Gabriel

    a modern goddess figure

    Statuette of a Serving Girl, c. 1323-1186 BC Egypt, New Kingdom, late Dynasty 18 (1540-1296 BC) to Dynasty 19 (1295-1186 BC)

    The Venus of Willendorf is, despite her small size of just 11cm, one of the oldest known fertility symbols dating back 22.000 - 24.000 years ago. She is the precursor to all other art be it pictures or sculpture that deal with eroticism sex and fertility.

    c. 4000, romania

    Nubia, 3500 BC

    A Terracotta Figure of Isis–Aphrodite, Roman period, 2nd–3rd century A | Sands of Time Ancient Art

    Female Figurine: one of the oldest statuettes ever excavated in Egypt. 3650-3300 BCE. Predynastic period, likely depicting a priestess or goddess.

    Goddess figurine, Chalandriani type Early Aegean, Cycladic, about 2300–2000 B.C. Boston Museum of Fine Art.

    Terracotta figure holding an infant 1450-1200 BC Late Cypriot II Culture (Source: The British Museum)

    Great Mothers of the Stone Age, dating from 28,000 to 15,000 BCE

    Durga with the buffalo demon

    Venus de Lespuge, 19.000 B.C.

    Figurative Bottle, Salinar, Peru, 200 BC - 100 AD, ceramic orangeware.

    Small Female Figure of Painted Clay. Funerary gift. Prehistoric period, 4th Millennium B.C. From Mamarija. Brooklyn Museum, New York.

    United States, Ancient Greek, Grecia Terracotas, 323 Bce 31Bce, 1St Century, Century Bc, Jewelry Art 323, Ancient Art

    Kuan Yin, goddess of compassion. Kuan means Earth and Yin is the female life force. She is a completely enlightened Buddha who made a promise in the distant past that after reaching complete enlightenment she would always appear in female form for the benefit of all beings. By iconographic category and hierarchy she is a meditational deity and her appearance is that of a peaceful deity. Kuan Yin has strength which is embraced by softness.