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Kanzashi w/ cicada on leaves

Maiko Kei of Nagoya city presenting her kanzashi for January/February - a crane, red and white flowers, pine and gold fans.

Maiko Umechie with enormous fan kanzashi

Sakkou kanzashi of maiko Fukue san showcasing the new trend of incorporating the okiya's symbol as part of the design

Plum blossom kanzashi

maiko Satoai wearing ofuku hairstyle and green willow kanzashi for June by MYHAPPYPENGUIN on Flickr

花 成人式 前撮り

April meeting on a boat with maiko Ryouka san. This sakura kanzashi is amazing

: Debut of maiko Ichiaya san! Maiko who debut in Pontocho get special kanzashi that look like the ones maiko use in other districts to signal the end of their career as maiko.

Cute kanzashi guide

Close up of maiko kanzashi

Japanese Kimono " Antique Kanzashi Sets" Z16 | eBay

December ensemble - Maiko Umechie, Kamishichiken (via ブログ・アルバム)

Uchiwa (round fan) kanzashi for July


Kanzashi (hair ornament) for a "maiko" (apprentice geisha). This is a butterfly kanzashi with lovely details.

Geisha, Kyoto by ACG83, via Flickr

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Japan, Edo Era, Fukiwa Hairstyle

Kushi - Japanese Crayfish Hair Comb. Painted and Lacquered Wood. Late Edo Period.

Maiko Tanewaka wearing kanzashi for November

Unusual kanzashi

Making bira bira

Fan kanzashi from clay