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This is me:)

This is what I'm like after I paint mine!

Shoot, this was me through ALL of high school! I could never concentrate hard enough!

1950's housewife

'Nuff said...[Fish pretending to be Cinnamon Rolls. Give it to the kids and they'll file for emancipated minor status]

You tell me - www.funny-picture...

Nailed it.

Some people

Messing with the wrong first lady

Oh my goodness. This makes me laught!

What if Soy Milk is just regular milk Introducing himself in Spanish...

perfect sploot form! The judges give this charmer a 10! #corgi

Who's the real winner here?!

The truth behind why printers jam

the truth tho.



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Pillow Fights: Friends vs. Best Friends

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Visiting Friends...


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Sleep Time. My brain does this to me. When I try to picture sheep, I think "oh yeah where are my wool gloves, maybe I left them at work, do I work tomorrow, I really don't want to deal with children tomorrow.... how many sheep did I count? (Scott begins snoring) damn it!"