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I'm a believer.

A miracle healing in the alcohol aisle. It's A Miracle! She Can Walk this would be me n a few people I know

#OhMyGod por esto es que uno tiene que saber hasta donde bebe... =S

sleeping/passed out pranks. I wanna know how the guy is staying taped to the ceiling!

Funny pictures of the day (78 pics)

These funny pictures prove that every single one of us has a dirty mind. Yes, even you have a dirty mind! Don't miss harmless dirty mind pics - Page 2 of 2

Ese momento incómodo cuando no encuentras tu sujetador y guardas tus pechos en el pantalón.

"I can't find my bra. Screw it I'm just gonna stuff 'em down my pants, nobody goes to Wal*Mart anymore anyway, right?


Just walking my gator…

New part of photos of funny and strange people in WalMart. New part of photos of funny and strange people in WalMart. Previous parts: People Of WalMart. Part 1 pics) People Of WalMart.

jajajaja modas modas modaaasss!!!

Funny pictures about The evolution of saggy pants. Oh, and cool pics about The evolution of saggy pants. Also, The evolution of saggy pants.

20 Parenting Hacks that are Absolutely Genius! This is #19 and I can so see Dan doing this! Teach your children about modesty in a hilarious way.

That's awesome! My husband was like heck yeah I will do that to our kids. Wear that shirt too, "oh u like short shorts so do I. c'mon kids we're movies" oh how I love my husband.

Photoshop Error 16

More funny things on WWW.COM We're all so used to photoshopped models that sometimes we don't notice the ridiculous. Look closely at this photo. This is either really bad photoshop or an impressively magical model.

Ahahha hahhahah

Parenting Fails & Humor Pictures Sometimes new parents really fail and parenting. These fail moments if captured would be most Hilarious thing you would ever see So here some funniest Fail Mome…

Change is what happened...change...

Change is what happened...change...