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dead weak at school -___-

This is how I feel some days! Today is one of those days. Today is Monday!

Yoda Dog ... Re-pinned by ~ affordable pet memorials since 2001

Funny Pug Yoda Costume Star Wars - I love puggles and I love YODA how could you not love this pic?

I Guess All Boston Terriers Have The Same " I Hate Life, and Life Hates Me Back" Face. I Know Because of My Boston

Grumpy Boston Terrier- "Of course it's Monday. Does this look like my Friday face?" Oh Koda, just get up so I can take you out.

None of that store bought crap either. REAL cookies!

This has the perfect caption, right? We all know how much Boston terriers love their dog cookies.

Image result for boston terrier

Lady's ears did the same exact thing when she was a baby :) Faces only a dog can make...

Dog Face

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