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▶ 1920's - What The Future Will Look Like - YouTube

Mildred Davis dons a football uniform and husband Harold Lloyd’s famous specs to pose as his college-boy character in The Freshman (1925)

Washington, D.C., circa 1920. "Miss Emily Greene Balch." Recipient, in 1946, of the Nobel Peace Prize.

, the "Freckleproof Cape" was worn by 1930s bathers to avoid sunburns and freckles. The cape also came with built-in sunglasses.

Margaret Bourke-White, Stalingrad 1931

Carl Mydans. 1938.

1930s trial frames in stainless steel from the General Eyewear's historical collection

Occhiali mascherina da pilota aeronautica russa 1938 originali, non usati

US $1,399.99 i Vintage-French-Poster-for-Le-Terminus-Pince-Nez-Eyeglasses-by-SANDIS

1904 Vintage Ad Briggs Temple Clasps Glasses Eyeglasses

Andre Kertesz - Mondrian's glasses and pipe. Paris, 1926

Harold Lloyd was the first movie star to incorporate eyewear in an iconic persona. Babe Ruth was the most famous athlete in history. In 1928 both starred in a movie called “Speedy”. The film has some of the earliest location footage ever shot in New York City.- Harold Lloyd as depicted in a poster for his film "Speedy" (1928).

1924 Ad Shur-on Spectacles Eye Glasses Optical Portrait

1924 Ad Shur-On Spectacles Round Rim Eye Glasses NY

Wounded WWI soldier before and after eyewear mounted prosthetic mask. Image sourced from Smithsonian Magazine.

Celluloid Sunglasses circa 1930s, France.

Woman in celluloid sunglasses, circa 1930s.

Could innovations in driving glasses save lives on the road?

1901 Vintage Ad Lens Lock Eyeglasses Andrew J. Lloyd Co - ORIGINAL ADVERTISING

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The sad plight of 1920s bohemians in eyeglasses: A case study featuring Edith Head and Foujita.

Laser-Emitting Eyewear- erman laser weapons enthusiast Patrick Priebe has developed 'LaserEyes,' a piece of eye-wear inspired by those worn by the fictional character Cyclops in the X-Men series.

See inside Britain's only bespoke frame-making factory which has been in business since 1932- Now it is the only frame maker left in Britain, the factory is still in business today producing glasses under the Savile Row brand - and mainly exports its products. The original machines are still used to hand-craft the spectacles, which have been worn recently by Harry Potter, Denzel Washington and Johnny Depp. Famous fans include Ralph Lauren who wears the Panto 47 with silver skull temples,