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Here is a good visual encompassing some important netiquette rules for students to keep in mind while using the net. You might want to go through these rules with your students to make sure they understand them.

20 apps and tips to help students study better

Infographic The collaborative opportunities that the web offers can easily be mirrored within the four walls of the classroom. We should provide students with the right environment where they can work in teams and mentor each other. Mia from the "anethicalisland" site has this great visual featuring 27 tips for teachers to boost team work in class.

Helping Students Avoid Plagiarism | Composition Studies | Learnist

To help you better teach your students about Creative Commons and how it works, here is a handy graphic that visually captures the main important things students need to know about Creative commons.

Most college students don't know how to get the best results from a Google search. Check out these tips to search smarter and save time.

Are you a digitally competent teacher? 7 tech skills you should be working to improve.

A Printable Guide To Creative Commons -- what a great way to learn about the types of CC licenses.

Copyright Flowchart: Can I Use It? Yes? No? If This… Then… (fantastic infographic):

copyright - idea to work with, teaching to think what it would be if you weren't using the internet