• Ashley Scroggin

    Flavor Infuser Water Bottle, $15 | 36 Clever Gifts For Food Lovers That You'll Want To Keep For Yourself ...for nanny?

  • Pro Mom™

    Flavor Infuser Water Bottle ... Great concept, but I have 2 ?'s about this product: 1) How fragile or sturdy is it? 2) How easy is it to drink out of?

  • Myke Marinkovich

    This Ntropic fruit infuser water bottle is definitely a show stopper. Why drink empty calories? Why drink Chemicals? Diet Coke causes cancer, after all. But fresh fruit + water = healthy deliciousness--plus it looks like a piece of art bottled up in your hand! So, drink it up in style!

  • Bethany Eubanks

    Mom gift idea: flavor infuser water bottle...

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