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Oh My Freaking Stars!: What's for Dinner.....

SAD, oh sooooo SAD!

  • Emily Presley

    in SC, charter school don't even get equal funding to that of public schools, we just get 80% not only that, the students(myself included) were not handpicked, its a lottery system, every student that applies has an equal chance of getting in, we accept 100 students per class, meaning my school has 400 or less students. A student has never been forced to leave/drop out for poor grades, we do however, require an 80 to pass the class. if a student was to leave the school, they may(with parents permission or course) there is a limit on who gets to take college courses at my school, we have to take a skills test, and teachers need to recommend us to take college. while it is the goal of my school that everyone sophomore and up take college, some are not prepared or mature enough, and just take high school, our teachers, are amazing, and we love them, our classes are smaller, allowing for greater interaction with teachers and higher test scores. you make charter schools seem like a waste of time, and money, because of my getting into the charter school i go to, I will have taken four college classes, and passed both my college, and high school classes with flying colors at the end of my sophomore year, when i graduate, I will have an associates degree in Science. not every student that goes to my school will achieve what i will, but we all have different capacities for learning. I dont go to public school because i was bullied for being intelligent, and advanced in math and science. at the charter school, i am equal with my peers and not made fun of for being in a senior math class as a sophomore. my school accepts everyone, not just students with exceptional learning skills, we have students that sometimes fail classes, and need special assistance. we have a program for any student not passing the course(with an 80+) called Academic Assistance. AA is like tutoring, but provided by the school, if a student wants help, or needs help, each teacher has a certain day of AA for them to receive extra help.

  • Kalli Parauka

    Can't help but see some comments regarding the funding issue between PUBLIC charter and traditional public schools. *Note I'm referring to issues in my state (FL). I attend a charter school, for the record. Contrary to popular belief, charter schools are not "semi-private." Charter schools exist to allow school choice, not hinder traditional public schools. I have spent many hours in Tallahassee meeting with representatives and attending various meetings trying to help coax my elected officials into providing equitable funding for public charter school students. Per student, we receive significantly less than traditional public schools. Insufficient funds have resulted in underpaid teachers and a 50 year old, falling apart building.

  • L. Levy

    Write a damn book next time!!! Geeze!!

  • Kelly McDonald

    So True Tracy!!!

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Película HORTON. Cuando vi y escuché esta secuencia, me moría de la risa. Fue divertidísimo xx (Esp: "En mi mundo... todos són Ponys, y el arcoiris es su alimento, y su "popó" mariposas) xD Hahahahahaha Hizo tanta gracia. Os dejo más Pins sobre esta dulce secuencia.

Okay, I'm just gonna crawl out of here reeeeeal slow, cause everybody knows that when the rock gives the peoples eye brow like that, it means the peoples elbow will follow.

  • Ashly

    Sarah Gleason your dumblol jk

  • Ashton Jeffers

    I actually used to go to gymnastics with the rock's daughter and I saw him every week. We were friends! He gave me high fives and everything!


    lol love the cartoon

My most recent favorite joke which no one else seems to appreciate.

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Can I just point out that Ariel traded in her tail because she liked what she saw? -.-

Dr. Suess quotes... thinking I will be displaying Dr. Suess in my future classroom... some of the best words!!

Dogs Don't Care About What A Cookie Says

Probably one of my favorite tumblr posts ever.

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