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Heel Art Cherry Red

Inna Panasenko "Cherry love" Crazy high heels that defy women to walk without tripping or tipping over on a walk down steep steps.

Inna Panesenko/Selvaggio

Conquistatore Selvaggio Art Print - 30 x 30 cm Inna Panasenko

inna panasenko - Cerca con Google

Inna Panasenko - Martini Dry - Art Print, Post Card order at discounted prices!

bizarre allen type super high heels

Aminaka Wilmont Bizarre Black Shoes Its difficult to tell where this womans feet end and her shoes begin! This pair of platforms/heels/pieces of art were created by Londons Aminaka Wilmont. Its hard to imagine standing up straight in these unique shoes.

Gatitas Estilosas <3

Marilyn Robertson - Casanova - Art Print order at discounted prices!