Filigree heart locket

Locket Necklace.

Vintage heart locket

Pretty Vintage Locket.

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Shell locket

Whale Earrings


14kt gold mini moonstone and diamond ring – Luna Skye by Samantha Conn

♥ Lockets

Beautiful detail

lovely lockets


Lockets :)

THE ORIGINAL Moonlit Forest LOCKET, Enchanted Forest Locket, Antique Locket, Moon, Moon Jewelry, Tree Jewelry on Etsy, $23.00

A wearable memento of days past, a special loved one or a very important date, this dainty locket holds your memories close. The round locket holds two heart charms, stamped with your custom date and initials. The antiqued silver or brass pendant is decorated in a floral motif and hangs on a dotted chain.

i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart)

heart "lock"et ring with key

how pretty are these french enameled lockets.?! I like the red one.... just sayin'.

This reminds of the crucifix necklace in that one movie I can't member where Buffy the vampire slayer hides her cocaine.