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    Funny demotivational posters: Stingrays are taking over the world -

  • Leslie Sorrells

    i wish this weren't an inspiration poster. An amazing shot. I have seen them do this at dusk. It is unforgettable.

  • Mikaela Buhr

    Holy Mother Of Abraham Lincoln!!!!

  • Jennifer Crossman

    Motivational Sarcastic Funny Posters | Animal Motivational Poster: Sting Rays

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Sheer looks like his mother had to sign her name ... Wonder if she laughed too???

noo way... This is great!! Wait, Spanky works at Walmart?!

This is pretty much what happened when I went whale watching in California when I was about 10. The captain said that they aren't allowed to get so close to the whales but since it came up to the boat he wasn't going to move. It was a wonderful experience and I hope my kids are able to have a similar one someday.

Senior Picture Wins

Meanwhile in Australia - this is actually scary and sad

Best reasons to get detention EVER - I particularly like the letter to the parent about how the child should just quietly accept misinformation.

Robert Downey Jr. and the kindest act… I may possibly have teared up a little.

Elephant Dust Bath - India Such beautiful colours come from an instinct of the elephant to keep clean and mite free

should say BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR then "lets go b*, over the rainbow to munchkinland" OR just "insert wizard of oz joke here"

I bet, you didn't notice the Godzilla demotivational poster