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    I understand this is an illustration of Heer Halewijn, a Dutch variation of Child #4: Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight

    Spirit Coyote


    The raven is one of the most important birds in Celtic mythology (and there are many important types of birds). The raven is a symbol of death and war, but also of the otherworld and its eternal pleasures. In Ireland, the raven is especially associated with Badb, whose name means "raven" and is an aspect of the Triple Goddess, Morrigan or the Morrigue. Her sisters Macha and Badb also appear in the forms of ravens on the battlefield. This is not unusual, given that the raven is a carrion bird.

    Green Man Tapestry

    The Morrigan.

    The Morrigan

    Green Man | Medieval misericord; abbey-church of Vendôme, France

    Green Man | Romanesque sandstone carving, archway in church at Garway, Herefordshire, c.13th century

    Kilpeck Green Man | Romanesque carving, doorway of Norman church at Kilpeck, Herefordshire, mid 12th century

    Kay Nielsen - Bluebeard

    Post image for Kay Nielsen’s Fairytale Illustrations

    Kay Nielsen

    Asgard: Tree of Life and the Nine Worlds.

    Mary Blair

    'The Tree Of Death: The Sinner' - lithograph, ca. 1845. Devil watering tree of sins and skeleton about to chop it down. Lithograph by Nathaniel Currier, published by Currier & Ives, New York, between 1835 and 1855.

    The coin wishing tree

    A Guide to Irish Folk Tales | Medieval Irish monks were the first to write down the ancient Irish myths and fairy tales.

    Navajo Mythology | Colorized b&w image from O'Bryan 1936 text

    Campbell's Monomyth

    1. Heroes are introduced in the ORDINARY WORLD, where 2. they receive the CALL TO ADVENTURE. 3. They are RELUCTANT at first or REFUSE THE CALL, but 4. are encouraged by a MENTOR to 5. CROSS THE FIRST THRESHOLD and enter the Special World, where 6. they encounter TESTS, ALLIES, AND ENEMIES. 7. They APPROACH THE INMOST CAVE, crossing a second threshold 8. where they endure the ORDEAL. 9. They take possession of their REWARD and 10. are pursued on THE ROAD BACK to the Ordinary World. 1...

    Just, greek mythology

    A map of the Underworld of Greek mythology.

    Northern Mythology.

    African Dieties