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#love this because it is so true. I remember my mom by the #unconditional love she showed me and I give my children the same love. Material things will be thrown away so always put your kids first and they will never forget it.

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Dogs, what did we do to deserve you? (Dog lovers)


Kinda how I watch it, but my family's really big on swimming so I know a bunch of swimmers and stuff.

*when my parents are asleep* Me: shhh they're sleeping. *When I'm sleeping* Parents: let's vacuum the house for 2 hours.

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cherish on

Michael knows what's up. <---Seriously

Its kinda sad that my family already knows about Brendon Urie like they dont even ask anymore

wearing matching outfits with your bestie at theme parks with your friends & family memers too or your special some one why not! lol ;)

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Do These Posts Describe Your Life?

...and then you feel like a nobody..

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Community Post: 15 Ways To Know You're A DVD Hoarder

ha sooo true