DIY Tabletop River Rock Fire Bowl

DIY Fire Column The directions from QuikCrete said to use a release agent when you want to remove the cardboard tube. The guy at Home Depot told me they didn’t sell it, but told me to spray some gloss paint inside the tube and let it dry. The gloss surface would make it easier to remove the tube when the concrete was dry. He was right

ladybug house Art painted rock

River Rock Fairy Houses

DIY Painted Cactus Rocks

DIY Gel Fire Pits - Tutorial

painted river stone

crocheted rocks

painted river rock - fern frond - hojita by Lapajara pinta, via Flickr

32 Fun DIY Craft Ideas

I know I pinned this before, but I want to do these footprints on the edging of the back garden near our door. Great craft with the kid - find the right river rocks, sticking them, etc!

How to create concrete columns that look like those found at Pottery Barn.

Welcome to our firepit where friends and marshmallows get TOASTED at the same time. on Etsy, $25.00 #summer #firepit #gettingtoasted

Great idea to have kids collect a couple of rocks from each destination on a vacation, then create a "forest of memories" and frame it!

Here’s a very cool personal fire pit you can make for less than $25.

River rock cairn lamp. Oh my gosh. Perfect for Lyn Stemmerman.

Painted rock fish in a fishbowl

Gotta try this:) / Acrylic paint (enamel works even better, but it's more expensive) on a few smooth rocks, then placed here and there in my garden, makes a surprise treat for the eyes. I make sure to use non-toxic paints, 'cause my garden toad lives out there.

Keep the bugs away with these fun floating candles!

Hang a lantern filled with a strand of twinkle lights. It looks like fire flies!

diy river rock place mat. smart to use cheap cabinet liner for base! make my version for holiday placemats: larger white river rocks, smaller mats for placemats. cheaper than buying river rock tile from "big box" home improvement store.