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  • Cynthia Soriano

    These DIY Flaming Rock Bowls Light Up Your Backyard or Patio Party If you want to give your backyard a little design flare for your next get-together, or you'd just like a fire feature for your patio to enjoy on a lazy afternoon, these fire bowls are built to shoot flame up through the rocks in the bowl from the center as soon as they're lit. These flaming rock bowls used to be available to purchase from Restoration Hardware, but now that they're no longer available, the folks at b3 Home Designs decided to make them on their own. Best part? Once you have everything required, they only take a half-hour to make. You'll need quick-set concrete, some river rocks, a chafing disk fuel pack (Sterno containers), a large plastic bowl, a can, and a few tools to put it all together, but it's remarkably quick and easy considering the ingredients needed to make this fire effect come to life. Once it's all finished, just put the bowl outside, light the Sterno, and sit back and enjoy the fire. it looks great and adds some real atmosphere to a chilly fall afternoon on the back porch. Would you give this a shot, or would you tackle this project differently?

  • Lena Ill

    DIY Restoration Hardware Hacks! (part two!) • Ideas and tutorials, induing this DIY RH table top river rock fire bowls from Bold Beautiful Brainy!

  • jeanne e

    DIY fire pot, great idea, easy and inexpensive!

  • Jamie Korges

    How to make these fire bowls, oil lamps, and other DIY winter warmth projects. good idea for backyard parties

  • Kathy Alden

    This would be cool to make into a bigger firepit How to make a tabletop fire bowl! (good idea to roast marshmallows on the outside dining set)

  • Alan Marston

    DIY Fire Pits.... This is my project for this weekend!! Love this idea so much! For an extra touch, you can add concrete colorant and have a more colorful fire bowl!

  • Doretta

    How to make these fire bowls, oil lamps, and other DIY projects.

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i can take this idea and use it towards a wall full of mirrored closet doors(already have)(Randall's Bedroom)make it look like drift wood---

Conjure up a festive mood with this outdoor fire bowl. Start with a fireproof container, such as this galvanized bowl that we primed and coated with outdoor paint in a cheery hue. Fill the bowl with recycled tempered glass chips, and tuck in a can of alcohol-free gel fuel. With a click of a lighter, the flame will dance and enchant for hours.

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Someone, anyone....please come do this for me!! ;-) I'm not the best DIY'er!! ;-) DIY river rock walkway

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