• Deborah Sims
    • 3 years ago

    I love the illustration of the kids, he's like "yay, I dont have to change! Like its a highlight of his day! LOL

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This is what happens when I try to make cute things sometimes lol

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good fat



Her face can say it all for so many situations, haha!


....or stay out past 8.

truer words were never spoken

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Why is this funny lol


Tough day for art...

Should not have laughed this hard

Best host ever

Cats taking selfies

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This is not my cat…

i say this all the time, sometimes with the "f-word"...but it's okay, because it's about satan: "i want to punch satan in the effing face". see. all good.

Haha, this is awesome. kidney makes the pass (via theawkwardyeti.com)

Funny Weekend Ecard: Something about today makes me want to be hungover tomorrow.

Well said, Bob, well said…

If Dr. Seuss wrote Star Wars.


I like James Spader