Old world and timeless solution for extra sleeping space. Alcove bed/sleeping nook for guest room. You can use large closets into these heavenly crash pads for extra family and visiting guests! #guestroom #alcovebeds #canopybeds

Reading nook made from reclaimed wood. So cozy!

Intimate reading nook or bedroom idea. Could use sliding soji(japanese screens)

Moon to Moon: window

Moroccan the bed.


love the bed nook

hideaway- our tiny attic? Great reading space! :)

So cozy. This will be in my next house. Reading nook and room for relaxing after a long day.

cool nook

This looks so cozy

cute bed nook

Skylight above bed. soooo cool! especially for thunderstorms... with a remote black out blinds of course for sleeping in :)

Gold dot decals.

Why waste a perfectly good space by closing it off with a wall? Basement nook for reading or relaxing