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  • Julie Porter Hammerle

    Carl from UP Halloween costume for a toddler boy. My only concern for using this with a little boy is, the walker would only be a photo prop, and be ditched by the third house. It's a lot to ask a kid to trick-or-treat with a walker. So cute!!

  • Liesel Scott

    Oh my gosh the old man from up hahahaha!!! Kid Halloween Costume Ideas this is so cute!

  • Michelle {}

    Disneys movie UP costume for a baby - so cute dressing up as the old man with balloons! #DIY #Halloween Costume

  • Melissa Horan

    Little boy -old man from the movie up costum - so cute!

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Flintstones - adorable Lauren Davison Davison Davison Valencia - this is perfect for addi and gray!!

Can't wait to have another bulldog. This adorable little guy is just too cute!

oh my god. pretty much the best group Halloween costume ever.

OMG! @Amy Eardley this is maximus prime's halloween costume for when he's 2 or 3... :) lol

This will be my child when I have one. Lol

Halloween Costume :: Sumo Baby! So funny. Hahahah! This is funnier bcuz it's an Asian baby! It would be cute for any other ethnicity tho for sure! And I have a part Asian baby!

Just when I thought you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this... and totally redeem yourself!

Who's idea was this?!? Because it's adorable!!! :) I love the movie Up!

This is by far the best costume for a baby ever lol!! i love dobby!!