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Crafty tshirt updo

Crafty tshirt updo
Polyvorefrom Polyvore

DIY; Heart Shaped, Off The Shoulder Tee

Crafty tshirt updo

OMG.... sO, im really into tshirt cutting, and came across THIS.... a bathing suit from a TSHIRT....OMG..great tute

Lace shirt by deirdre || Sewing idea: Turn tshirt backwards (maybe not necessary), create lace insert where new chest area will be, cut deep back.

I might do this to my St.Louis Cardinals & my Dublin DrP t-shirts as both are way too big now. At leas this way I can wear them& not look frumpy!! sct ... PaperBird : Unfolded: Just Another DIY T-Shirt Makeover

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