• Diana Pagan

    Stretch a rubber band across the nail and you've got an instant french tip. Good to know while I wait for July 15th! (Jamberry's release date for EASY French Manicure shields!)

  • Christy Allen-Brown

    Tip: Stretch a rubber band across the nail and you've got an instant french tip guide for painting. #tip #french #manicure #pedicure #fingernail #finger #nail #polish #lacquer #paint Doing this now!

  • Jennifer C

    Rubber Band French Tips If you pull the elastic tight enough, you can actually re-position the curve so that it matches your natural tip perfectly. Downside? It's really freaking hard to get it tight enough on your non-dominant hand. Maybe next time I try it I'll tie a knot in the elastic to see if that helps. I also had some trouble removing the elastic without streaking the nail polish down my nail.

  • Jessica L

    New way to do "French Tip" style. Stretch a rubber band across the nail. It pulls the skin back too, so I don't get the nail polish everywhere and it's less time consuming than putting on stickers or tape on every finger. Good idea

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