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    Modern Family wisdom, ain't that the truth?!

    • Billie Thompson

      "So dumb guys go for dumb girls, and smart guys go for dumb girls, then what do the smart girls get?" "Cats, mostly." hahahaha - Modern Family

    • Yuangula Barber

      From Modern Family: Alex: "So dumb guys go for dumb girls, and smart guys go for dumb girls... then what do the smart girls get?" Phil: "Cats, mostly." @Shirley Baldwin Olivares

    • Christina Mendoza

      Smart girls, embrace your destiny .... cats! (lol) From Funny Modern Family Pictures – 35 Pics

    • Shannon Murray

      Laughing out loud but secretly crying 😭😭 who knows if this is actually true. Because I mean as a smart girl, you are so many leagues ahead of most guys already. But then add in your frickin stunning looks and ohmygosh perfect personality, and I'm sorry to say this but I actually think you may be too good for everyone. BUT ITS OKAY. because I just know that there's a guy who's the same as you (but like, a guy) who will be going to the same uni as you just waiting to meet you and MAN THAT WILL BE BEAUTIFUL. I will be watching happily with my cats 🐯

    • Anna Nikolasevic

      what do smart girls get? (i laughed so hard when I saw this on TV! lol!!)

    • Stacy Ritchie

      Modern Family #truth #cats #popculture #TV #relationships

    • Katherine Jones

      #ModernFamily, #Funny, #Alex, #Cats, #Smart

    • Tarah Jones

      I giggled, but I have cats...

    • Mr. Furious Canada

      Cat Ladies | Funny

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    this is exactly how i will explain alcohol to my kids - lol

    haha, modern family.

    Phil trying to act like a dad...for once

    I love Phil.

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    oh, phil.

    ♥ phil!

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    The Many Hats of a Band Director... Could apply to a choir director, too!

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    I laughed so hard at this part

    i love Modern Family

    ha! modern family

    jenna marbles!! Hands down my favorite video

    I'm not sure what this is from but it cracked me up. There was certainly a time when I was about fifteen or sixteen that I thought I was doomed to being a cat lady.