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    I don't know what came over me, but I just got in the mood to listen to Donovan, and with urgency. Funny how sometimes months or longer can go by without a thought taking traction, and then one day...
    January 14, 2011
    • Sharon Awbrey

      Donovan "Sunshine Superman" (1966), "Mellow Yellow" (1966), "Hurdy Gurdy Man" (1968), "Atlantis" (1968)

    • Ashley Lacoursiere

      donovan - hurdy gurdy man - i'll never forget this song. i was in grade 7 and my dad asked me to find and download this song... little did i know how groovy of a song i would stumble upon and love forever

    • Pamela Rounis

      rock and / or roll – Twelve tracks including music by The Black Keys, Wolf People and Middle Brother.

    • Jacqueline Taylor

      Donovan - Sunshine Superman / this song reminds me of waking up, still slightly drunk from the night before...

    • Annemarie Elkhuizen

      Jabberwocky is a nonsense poem written by Lewis Carroll in his 1871 novel Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There. Here put into song by Donovan. Twas bryllyg, and ye slythy toves Did gyre and gymble in ye wabe: All mimsy were ye borogoves; And ye mome raths outgrabe.

    • Patricia Russell

      Donovan - Hurdy Gurdy Man: You'll never hear anything else like it! It still sends chills up my spine.

    • Jenni Witkov

      donovan because more people need to know the awesomeness of i love my shirt

    • Elma Poelsma

      Donovan - Jabberwocky a poem by Lewis Carol put into song by Donovan

    • Deb

      Donovan, the bard of the 60s.

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