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    If I didn't write, I seriously think my brain would explode. Maybe not literally, but I'd never be the same.

    #187 It’s how I express my dreams. Submitted by wishmynamewasautumn

    #135 For the off chance that I can create something more than words on a page. Submitted by jo-unsupervised

    #173 So I can talk to my characters in my head as I fall asleep at night. Submitted by brigidgh

    #176 The world in my head is just too awesome to ignore. Submitted by thatgirlinthebatmanshirt

    #123 Because I deeply love the fictional characters I created over the years. They are my best friends and closest family.

    Why I write. Because someday, my characters will be someone's otp. That's a statement.

    #27 Because I have an obligation to my characters to tell their story.

    When you're not allowed to speak your mind with your voice, use your words on paper.

    #28 Because I can go places that I created with just my pen.