michael eden

Picasso ceramic owl

Sivan Sternbach; Ceramic, 2013, Sculpture "Pink Ceramic Balloon"


Michael Bauermeister

Michael Sherril -451px-ceramic-cacti-sculptures.jpg

Michael Eden

José Sierra,Venezuela. "I grew up in the Andes of Venezuela. The images and memories of coffee mills, intensely colored mountains, dramatic landscape, pre-Colombian art and architecture as well as contemporary design all combine to influence and inspire my work. By altering wheel-thrown porcelain and stoneware, my work fuses organic and geometrical forms, in which I express both the fluidity and abruptness of the shapes and lines in the landscapes and architecture that surround me."

Cobalt Dot Mug | KOROMIKO

mayumi yamashita #ceramics #pottery

Traditional Ceramics Gallery - Lloyd Ceramics

Michael Kukla - laminated plywood sculpture that would make a great inspiration for a handbuilt clay work

Dalia Berman

Francesco Ardini - Proliferazioni pottery

Contemporary Ceramics

Joanna Howells #ceramics #pottery

Americana Barnyard Pig Ceramic Sculpture at Modern Artisans



Saxbo pitcher. throw a tall spout split for handle

black envy