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    Abusive Men- A man who chronically mistreats you is a terrible source of information about who you are. His vision is too distorted, too self centered, and too self serving to have any useful clarity. Specially when the subject is you. To put it consisely: It is impossible for a man to see a woman clearly while he is CONTROLLING HER, ABUSING HER, OR CHEATING ON HER.

    AMEN...AMEN....AMEN! Any woman who allows a controlling man to come between and cause trouble with her and her family DESERVES what she gets! At first you may not realize and you may turn a blind eye but when one by one nearly all your relationships with the family who has known,loved and nurtured are ended then you need to check yourself! A CONTROLLING,SCARED man does not want you to have any one in your life you can turn to except him. If he destroys or causes you to destroy relationships with

    So is he lying when he says he loves you? No, usually not. Most of my clients do feel a powerful sensation inside that they call love. For many of them, it is the only kind of feeling toward a female partner that they have ever had, so they have no way of knowing that it isn't love. When an abusive man feels the powerful stirring inside that other people call love, he is probably largely feeling: *The disire to have you devote your life to keeping him happy with no outside...

    Pornography is not a way to treat a lady...!! Please keep it off of your boards! If u r into pornography... U r not a man!

    In this bold message we wanted to show that family is not only defined by who you are born with. Family is so much more than blood. They are the people who care, comfort, listen, and drop everything at the drop of a hat to come to your rescue. Just because you were not born into a loving family, does not mean that you are without one.

    Maybe it's hatred. I hate liars so it's has to be hate. Never forgive someone who lies repeatedly. They aren't worth it. And trust me they will keep lying. Promises mean nothing at all.

    With you, I'm comfortable. I know I can talk about anything, or sit by your side in complete silence. You see me at my worst, but only talk about my best. I can be happy about my biggest achievements, while you know my deepest insecurities. I'm comfortable with you, and you should know that means everything to me. ~ God is Heart

    Everybody isn't your friend. Just because they hang around you and laugh with you doesn't mean they're there for you. Just because they say they got your back, doesn't mean they won't stab you in it. People pretend well. Jealousy sometimes doesn't live far. So know your circle. At the end of the day, real situations expose fake people, so pay attention.


    Such a great reminder. These are so easy to say, and yet we so often forget

    Gloriously Messy children of God ❤️

    It is so sad to watch. And trying to talk to this person about it, is like talking to a brick wall... if his STEPmom, isn't his MOM... than your HUSBAND isn't his dad either. BE NICE. It will do you some good. OH, and his name is DAD...

    Recovery from Emotionally Abusive Relationships Education about Narcissists, Sociopaths, and other Toxic People. Don't be a victim, don't just survive, Thrive LET THIS BOARD BE YOUR AHA MOMENT, PLEASE SHARE!!!

    Made with an actual barn door that was reclaimed.


    Walt Disney

    JUST NEEDS TO SAY CARDINALS!!! etsy // S2UDIO // this house runs on... (cool stuff and...) The New York RANGERS $20.00 #NYR #NHL #hockey

    Hockey stick racks for hats and sports bags. Good use of the space.

    People's actions prove who they are. Truth!

    Unfortunately a frequent happening :/ though that's not necessarily a regret--people will always take advantage of your good nature, and though that's disappointing it's not necessarily a reason to stop being kind and generous. Guard yourself to a certain extent but don't close out the world. Not all those you let in and give your all to will let you down. And when you find someone who sees your goodness and does good things for you in return the others will be worth it

    Never put the key to your happiness in somebody else's pocket.

    Gotta make yourself happy

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