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    • Lisa Morin

      Here’s an idea: Provide friends and family with name tags when they enter the life celebration. As we get older, not only does our memory for names fade, but also our vision, so you’ll want to write in large clear print. On the bottom of the name tag leave an area where they can write how they knew the departed. Friends and family will then know the names of everyone attending and be able to start a conversation like, “Oh, you are John and played golf with my father…”

    • Janet Vash

      Name Tags: Given to a couple close friends who sit at the front of the reception area at a table writing out name tags. The tags not only say the person's name but the relationship to the person who's passed. It makes the service much more personal. - Lets guests know how they each person knows the deceased and also helps those of us with failing memories to remember names. Easy and cheap.

    • Steve Shannon Wooden Cremation Urns Memorial Art from the Heart - Cremation Urn Line. funeral ideas, celebration of life ideas, memory table, creative funeral ideas

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    Candid photos from all stages of a life lived makes a beautiful tribute display.

    There is so little to remember of anyone -- an anecdote, a conversation at table. But every memory is turned over and over again, every word, however chance, written in the heart in the hope that memory will fulfill itself, and become flesh, and that the wanderers will find a way home, and the perished, whose lack we always feel, will step through the door finally and stroke our hair with dreaming, habitual fondness, not having meant to keep us waiting long, - Marilynne Robinson   Housekeeping.

    Less and less as time goes by, but still some days are extremely hard.

    "High Flight" -John Gillespie Magee, Jr., R.C.A.F

    Moving & eye-opening: Waiting For Mama: How To Face A Long Good-Bye; Holding The Hand Of A Dying Parent eBook: Sarah Chappelle: Kindle Store

    Beautiful sympathy verses and sayings to write in a sympathy card. #SympathyQuotes #SympathyCard

    I have you in my heart.

    In Loving Memory Funeral Program Template 005 - $6.00

    Butterfly seed memorial cards which make thoughtful funeral gifts. The butterfly is made of paper that is embedded with forget-me-not flower seeds. Give them out at a funeral to help your guests remember their loved one. www.nextgenmemori... $2.75 in quantity of 100. #butterfly cards for funeral, #seed butterfly cards, #funeral gift, #funeral idea

    Dove Memory Cards, Dove Remembrance Cards, Next Gen Memorials - Memorial Cards

    Creative inspiration: I'd like to use stamped white doves' flight feathers that our doves have naturally mounted.

    Such a lovely idea for the mourners to have a flower to place on the casket.

    Grief Attacks

    The anniversary date of a loved one's death is particularly significant. You will have done something you thought was impossible a few months earlier. You will have survived an entire year without someone who was as important to you as life itself.

    Love, loss, grief, tears...


    “Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.” “Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning. ” you know that place between sleep and awake; that place where where you can still remember dreaming? that's where i will always love you. That's where I will always be waiting

    Attach a meaningful token such as a mini photo of a lost loved one (who cannot be there in body but is there in spirit) to your bridal bouquet.

    We only part to meet again.

    What My Mother Gave Me. A book that inspires us to reflect upon our relationships with the most influential women in our lives -- our mothers -- and perhaps inspires us to put our own maternal memories and reflections on paper.

    In lieu of flowers/wreaths/plant gifts... Often at the end of the obituary, you will find a request for donations to be sent to a particular charity. It's another way to show your affection and admiration for the deceased by making a donation in his/her honor to a charity working to cure an illness which touched his/her life. You could also send a memorial donation to a charity his/her family has embraced or to a local not-for-profit organization he/she supported.

    Memorial Donations: Honor a friend or family member by donating to charity in their memory. It's a meaningful way to pay tribute and show how they live on in your heart.

    Memorial Tree Card: Plant a memorial tree.