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    Victoria's secret models without make up

    • Meaghan Johnson

      all girls need to see this... Super models without make up! crazy. seriously any girl could be a supermodel with all that makeup!

    • Jolene Deyo

      Time to feel better about yourself girls. Makeup does WONDERS. Victoria's Secret models without makeup = plain janes.

    • Simran Gill

      Supermodels With Makeup vs. Without Makeup. Without makeup or Photoshop, these Victoria Secret Models look like the average person you would see walking down the street! The ladies in Victoria Secret probably wished they looked like the girls in the posters, even if it's them posing!

    • Emily Mott

      All girls need to see this. Even Victoria Secret models don't look good without makeup on. They photoshop them soo much too.

    • Brittany Roelofs

      Victorias secret models without make up....& this is why soo many girls have really bad visions of themselves, we have to remember they don't even look like that without airbrushing & tons of makeup

    • Kara Bautch

      Victoria's secret models in real life. This makes me feel better about myself. Some of these girls are not pretty without makeup and photoshop. woah.

    • *Alisha Schneider*

      Victoria's secret models- makes you feel a little better huh? The bottom girl is very pretty without makeup!

    • Lindsey Kuitse

      all girls need to see this... Super models without make up. still beautiful woman but what a difference all the makeup makes.

    • Heather Wilson

      Victoria's secret models- makes you feel a little better huh? THey all look so sick before makeup, these girls can't be healthy!

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    For all of you who beat your selves up for never quite reaching the "supermodel" ideal. Please take heart. Look at this picture and please note this is an untouched (non photoshopped) pic of 3 victoria secret models. They are beautiful but flawed just like you. THEY don't even have the bodies magazines fool you into thinking they have. Exercise and eat well to be the best YOU, you can be. NOT an unattainable and unreaslitic body shape marketers want you to think you need.

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    The Dove women are what real women look like. The Victoria Secret ones are what the world wants us to look like. Follow the example of the BEAUTIFUL Dove women that know what REAL beauty is. Thanks for showing us that it doesn't matter what you look like. You can be beautiful without looking like the women above them.

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