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  • Abby Christiansen

    Victoria's Secret Models before and after Makeup....yea most of these girls have NO natural beauty

  • Sabina Ryan

    Victoria's secret models- makes you feel a little better huh? I wonder what I would look like if I had a makeup artist, photoshop, hair dresser, & personal stylist. Hmmm..

  • Amanda Lafollette

    Victoria's secret models Give me a personal hair and make up artist and i'd feel better

  • Kayleigh {Jean} Abeloe

    Victoria's secret models. I think all girls need to see this. Just goes to show how much a hair stylist, make up artist, hair extensions, expensive clothes, and retouching can change how someone looks. Models are not what they seem.

  • Antonia Williams

    Supermodels without makeup- Remembering not to compare yourself to the makeup, hair, lighting, photography and retouching you see every day!-- OMG are these for real?? makes me feel better about myself with no make up i guess?

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