DIY koala and tree costume

Homemade Costumes for Couples - tons of DIY costume ideas! Omg when JP gets home from Afghanistan...this will be happening next Halloween!!

DIY pineapple and strawberry costume

Thing 1 & Thing 2 Halloween Costume #Halloween #DIY 2014 Halloween kaylee and tori

Sock animals - adorable

You guys might be the hottest couple. What you need to do: For the girls, paint black spots on an inexpensive white dress. Pair it with tights and red heels. For the guys, wear black pants, red suspenders, and a plastic fireman hat. Source: Instagram user queen_reina

My DIY couples halloween costume

If only I had another half, I'd totally love to be struck by lightening.

Last Minute Homemade Sister Skeletons Halloween Costumes ... This website is the Pinterest of costumes

Jack and Jill… After the Hill. This site has a ton of homemade costumes..for next year

costume / make up ideas

Homemade Costumes for Women - this website has tons of DIY costume ideas!

25 Genius DIY Couples Costumes via Brit + Co.

fringe a white tee shirt with beads, black skirt, boots, Wet n Wild blue liquid eyeliner (for tribal marks), free people feather headband

Original Couple Costume Idea: Koala Kouple! ...This website is the Pinterest of costumes

Ninja Turtles - a lot of DIY costume ideas for groups!

Alice and the White Rabbit. Don't be late for the very important date of October 31! Needed: Baby blue dress, white apron, white tights, black shoes, black bow for hair, maroon pants and sweater, yellow bow-tie, wall clock on a gold chain and bunny ears. #halloween #couplescostumes

couple halloween costume idea

curious george costume. ohmygarsh how cute.

Deer in the Headlights Couple Costume. One of MANY costumes on this homemade costume website.