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Top 25 Corgi Hybrids

Here's the ultimate list of corgi hybrids. Thanks to The Daily What, Reddit, and BuzzFeed's own pealmogs for introducing me to this amazing phenomenon.

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Border Collie. My neighbors have a border collie and he is the sweetest dog. Not to mention beautiful. I beg them to let me keep him when they travel. He is adorable. Great deals too for all doggies here.

  • Tracy McLaughlin

    Yes, I keep hearing they need a job. We do all kinds of brain stimulation with him and at times he is fine but the minute there is noise or more than 2 people in a room, he starts this crazy pacing thing. But he no longer destroys my house. Thanks for the input!

  • Danika D.

    maybe he's nervous? when he's nervous a good way to help is long, vigorous activity!! My dog was like that! =)

  • Danika D.

    I say look at both of the dog's breed information, which one best fits your lifestyle, then figure out each breeds' health concerns, find a breeder who has parents of pups cleared. Then do research on how to pick a puppy that still fits your lifestyle. A good breeder should talk to you about which pup would best suit you. The one that "likes " you doesnt necessarily mean that its the one for you. Hope this helps, doing your research is key, it helps prepare you.

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Corgi Cross Breeds Are Cute (25 Pictures) | That Cute Site

Top 25 Corgi Mixes, holy poops. I wanted to have the Corgi-Husky mix as the cover photo, but Pinterest is being a butt. Check it!

a westie/corgi mix --- how random... but cute -- lots of other corgi mixes on this page

Borgi (border collie & corgi). Could be fun to have a BORG DOG! Call him 7 of 9, or whatever his number in the litter is?

corgi, sheltie. Thank God my corgi and sheltie are both fixed!

Corgi/Long Haired Daschund- almost looks like Mooch, but definitely has a Corgi face and chest

Corgi Golden Retriever